Assistance and guidance

Whether before or after approaching the person committing the homophobic harassment, and/or approaching the person with the power to change – it is appropriate to seek assistance and guidance to help you in responding to your specific situation.

For information about your rights and options for responding to harassment:


Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

As a first point of call we suggest that you contact the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC), or the equivalent equal opportunity regulator in your State or Territory. Homophobic harassment is most often dealt with as an issue of discrimination. The VEOHRC will be able to provide general information about homophobic harassment and discrimination and the avenues available to you to respond to your given situation. The VEOHRC is also able to assist you in making a formal complaint against your harasser if it is necessary. The VEOHRC also helps people resolve complaints of discrimination and victimisation through a free, fair and timely dispute resolution service with the aim of achieving a mutual agreement.

Go to Get Informed and Take Action for more information on discrimination and making a formal complaint.

Call: 1330 292 153 or (03) 9032 3583
TTY: 1300 289 621

Victorian Legal Aid

For free information about your legal options, including general information about making a complaint about homophobic harassment, you can contact the Victoria Legal Aid telephone advice line.

Call: (03) 9269 0120 or (Rural VIC) 1800 677 402

Anti-Violence Project of Victoria
Support, advocacy and representation for GLBTI victims of crime including assistance with reporting to Victoria Police, as well as online reporting services.

Call: Greg Adkins 0407 664 442

Other places that provide guidance
Other outside groups that may also be approached for assistance when dealing with harassment are a student or workplace union or advocacy organisations.