Campaign partners

Campaign partners

Wayne Elliot – Board Member, ALSO Foundation

“The ALSO Foundation was founded in 1980 to celebrate the Hamer Government’s legislation to decriminalise sex between consenting men. In the 31 years since we’ve seen significant improvements in the ways in which lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer Victorians are valued and respected, and the ALSO Foundation has been an important part of these many achievements. The No To Homophobia campaign continues this work and sends a strong message that in 2012 there is no place for homopbobic, transphobic or biphobic harassment in our society. So it asks all Australians to take a stand against it.”

Anna Brown – Convenor, Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

“The Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby strives for equality and social justice for Victoria’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) community and is a proud partner of the “No to Homophobia” campaign. In order to build a fair and inclusive community, everyone needs to take action against all forms of intolerance and prejudice when they encounter it. This campaign will educate and empower individuals to take action and together we can stamp out homophobia once and for all.”

Sally Goldner – Spokesperson, Transgender Victoria

“This is a pioneering campaign that will help improve lives, maybe even save a life, by reducing transphobia, biphobia and homophobia. Discrimination ultimately costs everyone in many different ways, including costs as taxpayers. So join in, help to stop prejudice and give yourself and everyone a tax cut –a total win-win idea!”

Greg Adkins – Executive Director, Anti Violence Project

Homophobia drives harassment, violence and prejudice crime into the lives of people from all corners of our nation. Sadly when homophobic harassment and violence occurs in rural and remote towns and cities, individuals are three times less likely to report their experiences than similar people in metropolitan cities. Even then, only 3 in 10 are reporting what has happened – to anyone.

No To Homophobia gives permission for people to step-up and do something – even if its for the first time in their lives. The person experiencing harassment, their parent, their brother or sister, their neighbour, workmate, teacher, the person who sells them a newspaper each morning – everyone can step-up and say No To Homophobia, using the resources of this campaign and its partners.

As a campaign partner, the Anti Violence Project of Victoria Inc. is proud to provide confidential direct support and advice for people wanting to say No To Homophobia by reporting their experiences of homophobic violence and harassment.

Founding supporters

Phil Lynch – Executive Director, Human Rights Law Centre

“Discrimination causes significant harm to individuals and diminishes us all as a community. The Human Rights Law Centre is proud to support the “No To Homphobia campaign” and work towards greater substantive equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people in Victoria.”

Karen Toohey – Acting Commissioner, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissio

“Each and every one of us has a responsibility to send the strong message that homophobia in all its forms is destructive, unacceptable and often against the law. We must take action to let those around us know we will not tolerate homophobia in any form, that we say no to homophobia, because we all want to a fairer and more inclusive Victoria.”

Chris Tanti – CEO, Headspace

“Homophobia is not just an issue of discrimination and justice. It’s also a mental health issue. “Every year headspace deals with the effects of homophobia on young people – in the form of depression, anxiety and drug and alcohol issues. We are proud to lend our name to this campaign and hope it has the impact it deserves in reducing homophobia, not just against young people but across the community in general.”

Campaign Steering Group

Crusader Hillis ({also} Foundation)
Anna Brown (Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby)
Sally Goldner (TransGender Victoria)
Greg Adkins (Anti Violence Project Victoria)
Jamie Gardiner (Community Member)


Board of Management, {also} Foundation
Alexander Schoeffel (campaign development)
Victorian Department of Health
Victorian Department of Justice
Shane McMaster (content development)
Michael Delany-Korabelnikova, Bottom End
Susie Robinson, PR Darling
bryan Andy (OutBlack)
Ella McPherson
Karen Toohey
Matt Dixon
Michael West

With Respect Awareness Project Reference Group (2009–10)

Deb Holder & Kylie Smith (Project Team and WRAP report authors)
Hayley Conway (Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby)
Sally Goldner (TransGender Victoria)
Greg Adkins (Anti-Violence Project Victoria)
Jamie Gardiner (Attorney-General’s and Minister for Health’s GLBTI Advisory Committees and Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission)
Janet Jukes (Attorney-General’s GLBTI Advisory Committee)
Felicity Marlowe (Rainbow Families Council)
Senior Constable Gabrielle Tyacke (Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer, Victoria Police)
Sergeant Scott Davis (Gay and Lesbian Advisory Unit, Victoria Police)
Anne Mitchell (Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria)
Colin Batrouney (Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men’s Health Centre)
Melanie Hodge (Department of Justice)
Meg Gulbin (Department of Health and Executive Officer to the Minister for Health’s GLBTI Advisory Committee)
Karen Field (Drummond Street Relationship Centre)
Sue Hackney (Way Out)